Vice President of Engineering

Job TitleVice President of Engineering

DepartmentResearch & Development


LocationWuxi, China

VP Engineering


* PhD in CS or EE from Top University in China or a combination of Chinese and International Education


* Worked in at least one start up company in China in a VP Engineering or Higher Role


* Work Experience at a larger brand name Chinese or multi-national company


* Demonstrated an ability to build a diverse team of  20-30 people consisting of multiple diverse backgrounds - e.g., recruited and hired Software Talent,  Hardware Talent, and other types of talent from a range of educational and geographic background


* Demonstration of significant and recent individual product development skills in hardware and software


* Established design practices such as coding standards, unit testing, and other formal development processes


* Must be able to write and debug large-scale software in C, C++, C# and Python, other programming experience desirable


* Good project management skills, and management of system projects (hardware + software) desired


* Good spoken English


* Relocation from the U.S. to China can be provided



Preferred Recruitment Fields:

* Robotics, Drones, or GNSS Navigation

Posted positions are not open to third party recruiters/agencies and unsolicited resume submissions will be considered free referrals


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