ACEINNA To Demonstrate Next Generation Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Technologies at CES2020

ACEINNA, a provider of sensing solutions for automotive, industrial, telecom, datacenter and cloud infrastructure, consumer appliances, agricultural, and construction markets, is expected to demonstrate next generation autonomous vehicle navigation technologies and systems at CES2020. These technologies and systems include, guidance and navigation systems for autonomous vehicles, robots, drones, industrial, construction, and agricultural machinery.

ACEINNA will be launching new GNSS/INS-based autonomous vehicle localization technologies and will demonstrate these on ACEINNA's test vehicle, in booth 6738 at CES 2020, in Las Vegas. North Hall Automotive Pavilion.

ACEINNA will drive the test vehicle from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas and record live drive test data that will demonstrate how their precision positioning solutions, according to the company,  provide better accuracy and reliability than competing high-cost RTK + Inertial reference solutions. Precision location capability is critical for all levels of autonomous driving. The new price-point of ACEINNA's OpenRTK330 GNSS/INS solution enables this capability in mass production vehicle models.

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Video interview of Executive Vice President Michael Murray with Steve Voss Show can click here




ACEINNA Inc., is a leading provider of sensing solutions for automotive, industrial, telecom, datacenter, agricultural and construction markets.  
ACEINNA’s precise positioning solutions are MEMS based, open-source, inertial sensing systems that are leading the industry by enabling easy-to-use, centimeter-accurate navigation systems for the autonomous revolution.  ACEINNA’s current sensor product family is based on AMR technology that enables industry leading accuracy, bandwidth and step response in a cost effective single-chip form factor.  ACEINNA has R&D facilities in San Jose, CA; Andover, MA; and Chicago, IL; as well as manufacturing facilities in Wuxi, China.


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