OpenIMU: Open-Source Inertial Navigation Platform

OpenIMU is a professional-grade open-source stack for IMU and GPS/INS navigation development.  OpenIMU hardware modules are low-cost, low-power and precise.  They are fully calibrated over temperature for all static error sources.  OpenIMU includes a powerful and customizable Kalman Filter.



OpenIMU developer kits are $395 and in-stock.  They include an OpenIMU300, JTAG Pod, EVB, and precision fixture.  In production, OpenIMU300 modules are less than $100.

To get started install Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and then install the Aceinna Extension.  Python drivers and a convenient Web visualization app, make custom development easy and fun.





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OpenIMU300EZ Datasheet

Aceinna Developer Website

Visual Studio Code Extension


Getting Started with OpenIMU (IEEE webinar)